A big well done to Simon Pyburn who has achieved and exceeded his goals.


Amazing! See the full story below

Simon started his sessions with Core Strength back in January looking to lose weight and get fitter with the aim to stay active and play sport without picking up niggles or injuries!
Throughout the process Simon has gained so much insight into healthy nutritional eating, effective maximum training, as well as understanding the value of setting goals and targets to aim towards.
He is so proud of is achievements that he is inspiring his family, friends and work colleagues to get active also! Have a look at his stats and before and after photos and see for yourself what can be achieved with the right attitude and correct support and training!

Simon Pba1

SimonP2CS BeforeAfter

So far Simon has lost:

    • 17.4kg in weight
    • 10.3% in fat
    • 20.5cm from his waist

Simon is now more active than ever and enjoys walking and running with his wife, cycling on a saturday with a club, swimming and weight training within his working week and is feeling great and building muscle.
This July Simon competed in the Core Strength Duathlon and enjoyed it so much he is keen to compete in his first Triathlon around September and is currently training with that in mind.
Well done Simon you are an inspiration to us all!

DateWeight KgChest cmAbs cmButt cmLeft Arm cmFat%

NIGEL ECKERT, 49 years


Nigel BeforeAfter


I wanted to see a change in my life style habits, working with Jon has been so encouraging a nd has fuelled me ton e so much more active. My before and after photos really say it all, i recently took part in my first mini duathlon which was great fun!

I joined Core Strength on 31 January 2014, with the purpose to lose weight and get fit, especially as I will be 50 this August. My initial thoughts of joining a gym and seeing a personal trainer, were that it would be a waste of time, as I have no cartilage in my left knee, so I am limited to what exercises I can do, and with a previous trainer I saw at the end of 2013, was not too sensitive to my knee issues. So there was some doubt, prior to me meeting up with Jon. When I spoke with Jon he assured me that he was confident that he could devise a program where I could get the maximum out of training without causing any stress to my knee, but if there was any exercise that did trouble my knee during training, to stop and he would reassess the plan to accommodate. To date, I have had no issues with my knee.

I initially signed up for 3 months, with the thought of seeing how the training went before committing to a permanent set up with Core Strength. On my first day I weighed in with Core Strength at 88.9kg  and set a goal of 76.5kg at the end of the 3 months, there are 2 weeks left and I have exceeded my goal and I last  weighed in at 75.7kg. The training has been tough but enjoyable, you are pushed but encouraged all the way, with added support via email.

I cannot remember the last time I felt, and according to my wife looked so fit. So it’s goes without saying that I will be signing up for further sessions with Core Strength once my 3 months sadly come to an end.
If you are seeking a great place to train with excellent support from friendly and encouraging staff, then Core Strength is the place for you.

DateWeightChestAbsL Arm Body Fat %
31/01/1488.9 kg105.3 cm101.3 cm28.9cm27%
25/04/1475.1 kg94.9 cm85.6 cm27.6 cm20.9%

Samantha Lions, 37 years


Following a difficult winter, involving a lot of comfort eating, I was feeling decidedly middle aged and was developing a spare tyre around my middle to match!

As we all do, I knew exercise had many physical and emotional benefits and had always dabbled with various activities before, ranging from swimming to racket ball to joining the local gym.
However nothing ever stuck long term. So in an attempt to really crack it this time, I signed up with Jon and very quickly the results were much better than anything I had ever done before. By Jon focusing my exercise program, advising me on diet, really motivating me and keeping me on track to achieve my fitness goals, I genuinely feel great. I have lost all the weight I wanted and more importantly feel stronger and have a lot more energy.
Currently I do about three hours of exercise a week, but with Jon’s continued advice and training, those three hours are very efficient and enjoyable and so I ensure I fit them into my week.
I would not hesitate to recommend this to anyone, best thing I have ever done in terms of getting healthy, fit and active for life.

DateWeight Waist Hips / GluteusL ArmFat%Body Fat Weight

Liz Franklin, 41 years
Goal: September Triathlon

So refreshing to be trained by enthusiastic trainers. Jon has totally understood my requirements and given me an achievable program that includes the vital nutritional requirements. I have lost weight, my measurements have come down and my before and after shots look fantastic. It has also improved my confidence whilst motivating me to my 2014 target of completing my first Olympic Triathlon.


I was cast in a role based in America which required me to be physically active on stage as well as a couple of scenes that involved me wearing tight clothing or going topless. I wanted to be in the best shape possible. The brief for my character was lean and athletic looking. Therefore I wanted to get stronger, fitter and leaner without gaining too much muscle bulk. To help achieve this goal I sought the services of Jon Price who has a reputation as an excellent personal trainer.

We planned an intensive 7 week training block and Jon really left no stone unturned in ensuring I would see the results I wanted. He designed a comprehensive nutrition and training programme, which I followed closely through November and December. I have had recurring problems with my shoulder and knees but Jon was able to programme exercises that did not trouble them and I now feel fitter and stronger than ever.

The final results – I went from 11.9% body fat to 7.9% and lost 6 cm off my waistline, losing no muscle mass from my chest, arms, and legs. With Jon’s expert advice and coaching I had achieved exactly the results I was after – fat loss and increased muscle definition without looking too ‘bulky’. The before and after photos below show the noticeable improvement in just two months and I feel fully prepared as I head out to the States to begin filming. I would have no hesitation in recommending Jon’s services to anyone, no matter what their health and fitness goals are.



DateWeightWaistHips/GluteusL ArmBody Fat Weight

Simon, 20 years



I wanted to get in shape for my holiday and Jon structured a fitness schedule which would be the most effective quickly. I am very happy with the results and i plan on seeing Jon when i get back from my holidays also. Currently i’ve lost 5% of my body fat!.

DateWeightChestAbsL ArmBody Fat