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Imagine having your own personal trainer to motivate you, push you and ensure that each work out brings you a step nearer to your goal.

Personal training is for anyone irrespective of age or fitness ability though not for the faint-hearted.

To get the best out of any personal training regime both commitment and perseverance are required but the end results are always worth it. Having spent years attending a gym going through the same old routine but seeing little change, many of our clients have been amazed at the results they have been able to achieve with the assistance of a Personal Trainer.

Whether you need extra help training for a sporting event, getting into shape for a special occasion, help with weight loss, improving general fitness, keeping fit pre and post pregnancy or help to recover from injury or illness, personal training is one of the best ways to help you to achieve your goals.

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At Core Strength, we adopt a holistic approach to personal training. Each session provides not only a training regime that is tailored to your individual requirements but will also include advice on nutrition and lifestyle. Fun is also an integral part of each session ensuring that you will come back for more.

All our Personal Trainers at Core Strength are registered with REPS (Registered Exercise Professionals) and undertake continual professional development to ensure that they are up-to-date with the latest research and developments in the fitness industry.

To ensure our Personal Trainers deliver an effective programme that is tailored to your specific goals and objectives a large part of the first session will be spent getting to know you in order to understand your goals and objectives. We will regularly review your progress and update your programme to ensure you achieve the maximum benefits from each session.

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