Classes Description


Time Short? Want Fast Results?

Challenge yourself (HIIT) sessions – Tuesday 7.10pm – 7.50pm

This is a high pace, high workload training session for the strong at heart. A 30min workout based on body weight and resistant exercises.

Using short sharp intervals and short recovery times, this class is guaranteed to raise your heart rate capacity, burn fat and increase your metabolic rate. HIIT will make you sweat ache and wish you had never come! But you will leave energised, challenged and wanting more.

If you want to fit into those skinny jeans and want to get burn fat and get lean then this is the one for you!


Get In Shape Circuits – Thursday 7.30pm – 8.30pm

Circuit training is an intense, full-body workout that combines resistance training with aerobic exercise.

When it comes to getting lean and mean in a hurry, it’s one of the most effective types of exercise.

By the end of a class you might feel as though a bus has hit you, but with regular circuit training you should see a rapid increase in your level of fitness – so you’ll be a rippling GI Joe (or Jane) in no time.

ombination of fast, dynamic and varied resistance exercise designed to be easy to follow. It eliminates fat, builds muscle and encourages heart-lung fitness.


The Best Way To Start Your Weekend!

Outdoor Bootcamp session – Saturday 8.30am to 9.30am

The best way to start your weekend. Outdoor Boot Camp will challenge you to push yourself through exercises designed to build strength and fitness levels that will help you to burn fat, and build muscle FAST! Through the use of pulling, pushing, jumping, lifting and even hanging exercises you will come to realise your potential and want more. But don’t just take my word for it check out the video to find out more.

Perfect for all fitness levels and abilities this is the perfect way to start your weekend.


Winter Group Cycling (Warm and Dry!)

With our unpredictable winter weather and shorter days why wouldn’t you want to join in on our Specific, Tailored Turbo Training sessions to develop, Power, Speed and Endurance.

If you want to maintain your time on the saddle and build a good cycle fit foundation over the winter months then this is the one for you!


Early Morning sessions – Monday & Wednesday 6.30am to 7.30am

If we didn’t prioritize our lives, we would never get anything done; work, family, and financial stability often trump our personal health and leisure.

Don’t let a late workday or long meeting interfere with your workout:

This could be your best spent 45min today. Come train with us, the best way to start your day.

Need more convincing!

Why Early Morning Workouts Are Great

  1. Strength training exercise can boost metabolism for up to 48 hours so doing your workout in the AM is a great way to jumpstart your metabolism.
  2. Exercise also promotes endorphins in the brain, which can elevate your mood and start your day off on a positive note.
  3. Your sense of accomplishment from knowing you have your workout done before you even start your workday will elevate your mood and keep you from stressing
  4. Research also suggests that morning exercise improves sleep so getting into a good routine of an earlier bedtime might not be an issue.
  5. You’ll be more likely to get out of bed and into your workout if you perform exercises you enjoy.  A pre-arranged workout time with a group will force you out of bed and take the option of “going back to sleep” out of the equation completely.
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