A big well done to Simon Pyburn 

who has achieved and exceeded his goals.

Currently Simon has lost :

17.4kg in weight

10.3% in Fat

20.5cm from his waist

Simon started his sessions with Core Strength back in January looking to lose weight

and get fitter with the aim to stay active and play sport without picking up niggles or injuries!

Throughout the process Simon has gained so much insight into healthy nutritional eating,

effective maximum training, as well as understanding the value of 

setting goals and targets to aim towards.

He is so proud of is achievements that he is inspiring his family,

friends and work colleagues to get active also!

Have a look at his stats and before and after photo’s and see for yourself what

can be achieved with the right attitude and correct support and training!

Date           Weight Kg        Chest cm        Abs cm        Butt cm      Left Arm cm      Fat %

20/01/14      96.4                  112.2               110.3            107               32                      27.6%

 21/07/14      79.0                  100                  89.8              98                 28.1                   17.3%

Simon is now more active than ever and enjoys walking and running with his wife,

cycling on a saturday with a club, swimming and weight training within his working week

and is feeling great and building muscle.

This July Simon competed in the Core Strength Duathlon and enjoyed it so much he is keen

to compete in his first Triathlon around September and is currently training with that in mind

Well done Simon you are an inspiration to us all!

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