Welcome to Core Strength Health and Fitness.

Whatever your age or fitness ability, we at Core Strength are here to help you achieve your goal whether that is to get fitter, lose weight, train for an event, recover from illness or injury or just to improve your general fitness level.

At Core Strength we provide a welcoming, friendly and un-intimidating environment to ensure that your visit is fun and enjoyable but also brings you a step nearer to your goal.

Facilities and Services

Core Strength is an exclusive, welcoming and fresh functional training environment with equipment that will support and challenge all your training requirements.

At Core Strength we offer:

  • Personal and Group Training
  • Physiotherapy and Rehabilitation
  • Pilates
  • Triathlon coaching
  • Sports Massage2


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Achieve The Best

At Core Strength we provide the best opportunity for you to Train, Develop and Grow in health and fitness within a welcoming and non-threatening training environment.

Whether you are new to fitness or require rehabilitation, wish to lose weight or are a performance athlete our highly skilled and qualified team can help you achieve your goal.

Core Strength works out of two established venues, one in Berkhamsted, Herts and the other in Halton, Bucks.

Together we can help you to Realise Your Potential!